Physical Rehabilitation Post-Spinal Cord Injury


We provide comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services to adolescents and adults recovering from spinal cord injury as they transition from inpatient rehab, home health or skilled nursing facility settings.  We are also a resource for individuals with chronic injury who have new and ongoing needs. 

It is our goal to help clients take the next step in the journey of recovery. Our practice philosophy is to provide a positive, empowering, whole-body approach to therapy, which integrates the many factors that may affect your movement and function. We offer a hands-on therapy approach, working to restore lost movement and incorporate this movement into everyday activities to facilitate functional independence and resumption of pre-injury activities. When restoration is not possible, our therapists will teach you the skills you need to achieve a maximum level of life participation, utilizing all movement and function that is available.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, one-on-one, individualized treatment plans with a consistent therapist. These treatment plans are tailored specifically to meet you where you are and assist you in achieving the greatest functional outcome. Our clinic includes a functioning kitchen for activity of daily living (ADL) training as well as access to a shower with shower seat.

Wheelchair Seating Clinic

In addition to our ongoing therapy services, we offer wheelchair seating/equipment evaluations on-site, in collaboration with local durable medical equipment vendors.  To ensure optimal seating equipment prescription that minimizes the risk of skin breakdown, pressure mapping may be available upon request. This service is available as part of our comprehensive therapy program and as a one-time evaluation only, with a doctor’s prescription.

1st time brushing teeth without help in 11 months

Our Spinal Cord Injury Recovery program includes:

Progressive Stretching & Strengthening

Advanced Activity of Daily Living (ADL) & Functional Mobility Training

Advancement of Gait (as appropriate) – Including recommendations for orthotic prescription as needed

Advanced Wheelchair Skills – Including tools for managing ramps, curbs and unlevel surfaces

Spasticity Management

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Education

Implementation of Home Exercise Program - including return to community-based exercise