At STEPS for Recovery, we believe in an individualized approach to physical therapy and occupational therapy that focuses on helping each of our clients to achieve the life goals and roles that they desire. We pride ourselves on our specialty-trained, highly skilled therapists who are here to help you get results and reach your life participation goals. While we are able to work with clients with most any diagnosis or issue, we currently have three specialty therapeutic programs highlighted below. In addition, we offer massage therapy as an adjunct to our traditional therapy services or as a stand-alone service.

Postural Restoration

Postural Restoration addresses pain and dysfunction that develop from learned, compensatory and/or abnormal movement habits. All mechanical influences on the body that restrict movement and contribute to improper joint and muscle position are considered, assessed and managed.

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Acquired Brain Injury

For individuals recovering from stroke or other brain injury, this program places an emphasis on restoration of more natural movement.  Utilizing a specialized treatment approach called Neuro-IFRAH®, we help you to restore what is lost, instead of teaching you to compensate for missing movements and function.

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Spinal Cord Injury

This program is designed for individuals recovering from a spinal cord injury to maximize function, improve quality of life and assist clients with resuming life within their community. Additionally, this program includes a wheelchair seating clinic on site for individuals who need new or replacement equipment.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a valuable addition to any therapy program. It can help with stretching, managing tone, pain relief or for general relaxation. Caregivers may also seek the benefits of massage therapy during their loved ones therapy session. This service is also available for individuals looking for stand-alone massage sessions.

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The STEPS Team: Betsy Shah, Beth Quinn, Bryn Kennedy, Kristin Nuckols, Josh Olinick, Katie Stephens

The STEPS Team: Betsy Shah, Beth Quinn, Bryn Kennedy, Kristin Nuckols, Josh Olinick, Katie Stephens